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6641 Wakefield Drive #115

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Quality Custom Picture Framing & 

Professional Picture Hanging

Tuesday & Thursday 2-8pm.

Saturdays 12-6pm.

6641 Wakefield Drive #115

Alexandria, Virginia 22307



Alexandria Virginia at River Towers
(In the Belle View area of Alexandria Virginia)

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F.A.Q. Why is custom framing so expensive?

    Compared to what?  From the cradle to the grave nearly everything  in our world is mass-produced.  (cheers to Henry Ford)  Our clothing, our vehicles, our home furnishings, our computers and ready-made frames...you get the picture?  The more items manufactured in any category, the cheaper the selling price.  Even ART can be mass-produced (outrageous!). Custom framing is a unique blend of retail, manufacturing, artistic creation and craftsmanship.

When you bring your precious possessions to All About Frames for custom framing we work with you to design the perfect one-of-a-kind framing package for your life and lifestyle.  Since your possessions are unique to you (your Grandfather's portrait, your daughter's diploma, your son's baby clothes, your Aunt's painting) the framing will be unique to you as well.

Even when customers bring in reproductions of famous paintings or art gallery posters, no two pieces of art ever leave the shop "dressed alike."  

(In the Belle View area of Alexandria Virginia)

6641 Wakefield Drive #115

Alexandria Virginia 22307


Tuesday & Thursday 2-8pm.

Saturdays 12-6pm.

Free and Easy Parking

 (This is a mixed-media on wood panel by Buck Nelligan, 48" x 48", private collection.)

 This is a mixed-media on wood panel, 48

 Quality custom framing, like quality furniture, will outlast the paint,

wallpaper, the carpeting and window treatments in your home. 

Quality custom framing will outlast all of the clothing, vehicles,

technological systems  and appliances you will ever own.

Quality custom framing possesses the unique ability to become an heirloom

 as it passes from generation to generation 

and still looking as good as the day it was created.